Musical performance involves re-imagining an abstract: bringing to life dreams about sound combinations which arose in the imagination of a composer.

The teamwork involved in such re-creation with a large number of performers is extraordinary; a great orchestra is truly a miracle of human invention, an exemplification of the value of ambition and skill which shows that imagination and dedication can conquer the most extraordinary mental and physical challenges.

The English Classical Players is a group formed from the objective of taking group performance of music to its limits; a vision shared by conductor Jonathan Brett and violinist Alison Kelly to create an orchestra which, taking for granted the exceptional technical virtuosity and musical commitment of every member, would seek to truly explore and unleash the full expressive power of the music it plays.

After ten years of silence, the orchestra will be reborn in January 2020 when it will be the resident orchestra for the Andermatt Music Winter Festival, a celebration of Beethoven’s 250th birthday year featuring some of his most significant works.